Budweiser Magnum 750ml Price

Budweiser Magnum 750ml Price

Do you know what is Budweiser Magnum 750ml price in India? Well, if you are looking for it then you are at the right place. This blog contains full price list of Budweiser Magnum beer 2024. Read more about it here.

In India, the popularty of beer is very high. Those who like to consume beer go for diffeent brands, and amoung most popular, Buwesier Magnum is one.

Budweiser Magnum 750ml Price

This beer brand has captured good market share in India.

In this blog, we will be finding the Budweiser Magnum 750ml price in 2024. We recommend you to check the full blog to cover all details.

Budweiser Magnum

Budweiser Magnum is a special kind of beer that’s made with extra care and attention to detail. What makes it unique is the way it’s aged.

While other beers are usually aged for about 10 days, Budweiser Magnum spends a whole 21 days maturing. During this time, it sits on a bed of beechwood, which gives it a natural fizziness and brings out its full flavor.

This process is called “beechwood ageing.”

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Because Budweiser Magnum takes twice as long to mature as other beers, it’s known as “Aged Twice.” This extra time and effort put into making Budweiser Magnum results in a beer that’s really special and delicious.

It’s perfect for people who appreciate a well-crafted drink with a rich taste.

So, if you’re looking for a beer that’s been made with precision and care, Budweiser Magnum is the one to try.

Budweiser Magnum 750ml Price

Why Highly Sold in India?

Budweiser Magnum is highly sold in India for several reasons.

Firstly, its unique brewing process, where the beer is aged over beechwood for 21 days, sets it apart from other beers on the market. You can check Budweiser Magnum 750ml price here.

This process creates a distinct flavor profile that appeals to many Indian consumers who enjoy rich and full-bodied beers.

The “Aged Twice” campaign strategy emphasizes the brand’s dedication to quality and craftsmanship, resonating well with Indian consumers who value premium products.

Budweiser Magnum’s marketing efforts, including its presence in various social and cultural events, help increase its visibility and popularity among Indian beer drinkers.

How is Budweiser Magnum Beer produced?

Every Magnum barrel of Budweiser beer is aged for 21 days over beechwood. This special process, called “beechwood ageing,” is twice as long as other beers.

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The beechwood adds natural carbonation and enhances the beer’s rich flavor. Budweiser Magnum takes pride in this meticulous craftsmanship, making it stand out with the slogan “Aged Twice” in their campaign strategy.

Variant Available

Budweiser Magnum is available in various variants to cater to different preferences and occasions. Some of the common variants include:

Budweiser Magnum Lager

The original and flagship variant, known for its rich flavor and smooth taste.

Budweiser Magnum Strong

A variant with a higher alcohol content, offering a stronger and more intense drinking experience.

Budweiser Magnum Premium

A premium variant that may offer additional features such as special ingredients or enhanced brewing techniques for a more refined taste.

Budweiser Magnum Light

A lighter variant with lower alcohol content and fewer calories, suitable for those looking for a lighter beer option.

Budweiser Magnum 750ml Price List

As you are here to check the Budwiser Magnum price list 2024 in Inda. We have covered prices of this beer in different volumes. Check the full list below.

Budweiser magnum beer price in Delhi330ml120
Budweiser magnum beer price in Delhi650ml220
Budweiser magnum beer price in Bangalore330ml130
Budweiser magnum beer price in Bangalore650ml240
Budweiser magnum beer price in Chennai330ml135
Budweiser magnum beer price in Chennai650ml250
Budweiser magnum beer price in Mumbai330ml125
Budweiser magnum beer price in Mumbai650ml230
Budweiser magnum beer price in Kolkata330ml130
Budweiser magnum beer price in Kolkata650ml240

FAQ: Budweiser Magnum 750ml Price

What is the price of Budweiser Magnum?

Buy Budweiser Magnum 500 ml Can @₹ 110.00

Is Budweiser Magnum strong?

Budweiser Magnum is a stronger version of the classic Budweiser lager and is also available in cans. The cans are made of aluminium and come in various sizes, including 550ml.

Is Budweiser Magnum dark beer?

Dark golden in colour and full-bodied beer, Magnum Beer has attained taste.


This was our guide on Budweiser Magnum 750ml Price in India.

We hope this detailed guide has helped you to find, at what prices, different variants of this beer are available in different volumes.

In case there are any changes in prices, we will make sure to update them as soon as possible. You can check out our other blogs on this website.

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