Golfer Shot Price in UP

Golfer Shot Price in UP

Do you know the Golfer Shot Price in UP? This blog contains a list of prices of this Whisky that you are looking for. Those who want to know Golfer Shot Whisky prices in India can read the full blog below. We have shared details on this whisky here. 

Uttar Pradesh is known to hold a huge liquor transaction in India. In fact, stands in the top 10 most liquor-consuming states in India. The more in this consumption is of Whisky. 

Golfer Shot Price in UP

What we have researched is that Golfer Shot whisky is very popular in Uttar Pradesh. Also, read about the B7 Whisky Price List.

So, we have shared a full list of Golfer Shot prices in UP in 2024. Here you will read about this whisky’s price in Uttar Pradesh and what versions are available. Read more below. 

Golfer Shot Whisky

Golfer Shot Whisky, a refined and spirited libation, embodies the perfect blend of tradition and taste. Crafted for the discerning palate, this whisky pays homage to the rich history of golf, marrying the elegance of the sport with the art of distillation. 

Its golden hue captures the essence of a lush fairway bathed in sunlight.

Upon the first sip, Golfer Shot Whisky offers a symphony of flavours. Notes of oak, vanilla, and a hint of caramel create a harmonious balance, reminiscent of the serenity found on the golf course. 

The smooth, lingering finish is akin to sinking a long putt on the 18th hole.

Whether you’re a golf enthusiast or simply appreciate the finer things in life, Golfer Shot Whisky is a hole-in-one choice for those seeking a refined and delightful whisky experience.

GS Whisky Varients Available

The variants of Golf Shot Whisky cater to diverse tastes, making the whisky experience as exciting and varied as the game of golf itself. Whether you’re a traditionalist or an explorer, there’s a Golf Shot Whisky variant to suit your style. 

  • Classic Swing: This timeless variant embodies the traditional whisky experience. With a smooth, rich profile, it appeals to those who savour the oak-aged, vanilla notes and warm, comforting finish.
  • Green Fairway Reserve: Aged longer and in select casks, this variant boasts a more complex character. Its deep, nuanced flavours of dried fruits and spices transport you to the heart of a lush golf course.
  • Hole-in-One Honeyed: For those with a sweet tooth, this variant offers a delightful blend of honey and whisky, providing a harmonious balance between the sweetness and the whisky’s inherent warmth.
  • Bunker Smoked: With a smoky, peaty twist, this variant adds an element of surprise, perfect for those who enjoy the rugged side of whisky. It evokes memories of a campfire on a chilly golfing evening.
  • Putt of Paradise: For the adventurous palate, this exotic variant incorporates tropical fruit infusions. It’s a playful and refreshing choice, akin to a leisurely game in paradise.

Golfer Shot Whiksy Price List in Uttar Pradesh

As you are looking for the Golfer Shot price in UP, here is an updated list of it. Check the White And Blue Whisky Price In Haryana.

Golfers Shot Premium Barrel Whisky180ml – Glass BottleRs230
Golfers Shot Premium Barrel Whisky180ml – Pet BottleRs230

FAQ – Golfer Shot price in UP

These are some Popular FAQ about this topic.

Question – What is the price of Golfer Shot whisky?

Answer – Cost of 750 ml bottle in UP is Rs.1100/-

Question – What is the price of golfers shot glass?

Answer – Transparent 2.5inch Golfers Shot Glass, For Drinking, Size: 2.5inch at Rs 50/piece.

Question – What is golfer shot whisky?

Answer – Golfer’s Shot is best tasted in a tulip-shaped glass, which narrows at the top to allow the aromas to fully express themselves.


This was our guide on Golfer Shot price in UP in 2024! 

We hope you have found this guide informative. As we know liquor prices fluctuate a lot so the above-shared prices might be incorrect. We will make sure to update them as soon as possible. Also, check other whisky’s prices on our website. 

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