Shipping Companies in India

Shipping Companies in India

Do you that the shipping companies in India are one of the important parts leading the growth of the country? Like today where India is becoming a global trader, no doubt a lot of export and import is done through ports. For which, Indian shipping companies are working. 

Shipping companies play a vital role in India’s modern trading landscape, facilitating the movement of goods across the globe. 

Shipping Companies in India

As one of the world’s fastest-growing economies, India relies heavily on these firms to connect with international markets, ensuring a seamless flow of imports and exports, and driving economic growth. All remain with the top 5 shipping companies in India. 

So with this, we will be looking more at the Indian shipping companies in 2023. If you are interested in this topic and want to know more about it then check the full blog from here. 

Top 5 Indian Companies for Shipment

Here is the list of the top 5 shipping companies in India in 2023. These companies are currently leading the industry and sharing high profits. As we know the shipping industry is managed by both private and government companies. So we have listed both of them. 

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Read more about them below. 

Shipping Companies in India

Mumbai Port Trust

Mumbai Port Trust, located in Maharashtra, is one of India’s oldest and busiest ports. It handles a diverse range of cargo, including containers, petroleum, and chemicals. With its strategic location, it plays a vital role in India’s trade and commerce.

Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone

APSEZ, headquartered in Gujarat, is India’s largest private port operator. It operates several major ports across the country, facilitating international trade and logistics solutions. Their commitment to efficiency and innovation has made them a significant player in the shipping industry.

Container Corporation of India

CONCOR, a government-owned company, specializes in containerized cargo transportation. They provide seamless intermodal logistics services, connecting ports to hinterland locations. CONCOR’s reliable services contribute to India’s export-import growth.

Shipping Corporation of India

SCI, a government-owned entity, is India’s largest shipping company. It offers shipping and maritime services worldwide, including bulk carrier and tanker operations. SCI is known for its contribution to the country’s maritime trade and global shipping industry. This is one of the popular shipping companies in India. 

Essar Shipping

Essar Shipping, part of the Essar Group, is a prominent private-sector shipping company. Headquartered in Gujarat, they handle diverse cargoes, including dry bulk and liquid cargo. Essar Shipping’s modern fleet and customer-centric approach make it a key player in India’s shipping sector.

Understanding the Shipping Industry in India

The shipping industry in India plays a crucial role in the country’s trade and economy. 

It involves the movement of goods by sea, connecting India to the world and enabling the exchange of products like machinery, electronics, textiles, and more.

The shipping industry is of paramount importance to India’s economy. 

It facilitates both exports and imports, contributing significantly to the country’s GDP. It also generates employment opportunities for thousands of people in areas like ship crew, port workers, and logistics professionals.

A well-functioning shipping industry helps in reducing transportation costs, making goods more affordable for consumers.

The shipping companies in India are a critical component of the nation’s economic growth. It ensures the smooth movement of goods, strengthens trade relations with other countries, and supports the livelihoods of many Indians. 

Proper management of ports and the efficient operation of shipping companies are essential for the industry’s continued success.

Port Management

India has a vast coastline, and it is home to several major ports like Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata. These ports are managed by government bodies like the Mumbai Port Trust and the Chennai Port Trust. 

Their responsibility is to ensure smooth cargo handling, maintain infrastructure, and provide essential services to ships. They are managed by shipping companies in India.

Efficient port management is vital for timely loading and unloading of goods. Also, read about the Top 10 Tiles Company In India.

FAQ: Shipping Companies in India

Which is the No. 1 shipping company in India?

Shipping Corporation of India is the No. 1 shipping company of India. It is the largest tanker shipping company. SCI was founded in 1961 in Mumbai by the Government of India.

How many shipping companies are in India?

89 Ports & Shipping Companies in India.

Who is the biggest ship owner in India?

The Great Eastern Shipping Co Ltd has overtaken Shipping Corporation of India Ltd (SCI) to become India’s biggest ship owner by fleet size but ceded the higher market capitalisation slot to SCI as its scrip galloped in the run-up to the issue of expression of interest for the privatisation of the state-run carrier.


This was our guide on the Shipping Companies in India. 

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