B7 Whisky Price

B7 Whisky Price

Are you looking for the B7 Whisky Price? You are at the right place because here we will be mentioning the Price of Sterling Resever B7 Price in India. You will be updated more below. 

B7 Whisky Price

The B7 Whisky is available in different sizes, including 50ml, 700ml, 750ml and 1000 ml. The price of all sizes is different and also depends upon in which state you live in India. 

The B7 Daru price in 2024 is shared in this blog. You will get to know the B7 Whisky price of 2024 here. So, read more details about this Whisky here. Also check Royal Ranthambore Whisky Price.

Sterling Resever B7 Whisky

Sterling Resever B7 Whisky is a smooth and refined spirit that has gained popularity among whisky enthusiasts. Crafted with care and precision, it offers a delightful taste experience. 

This whisky is known for its balanced flavour, which combines the richness of oak and a touch of sweetness, making it a versatile choice for various occasions.

The amber hue of Sterling Resever B7 Whisky hints at the ageing process, which enhances its depth and character. When sipped, it reveals a harmonious blend of malt and grain spirits, resulting in a mellow and approachable drink. 

Whether enjoyed neat or with a splash of water, this whisky offers a pleasant journey for the palate. Its quality and approachable nature have made it a favourite among those seeking an enjoyable and accessible whisky experience.

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B7 Whisky Price in 750ml Bottle

Mostly, the 750ml size of B7 Whisky is in demand. All over India, this size has the most sales. So, to know the B7 Whisky price in India 750ml, check the full table below.

We have shared the price of this whisky in different states of India. 

Haryana750ml₹750 to ₹850
Kolkata750ml₹750 to ₹850
Assam750ml₹700 to ₹900
Odisha750ml₹720to ₹900

B7 Daru Price in Kolkata

  • 375ml: ₹425
  • 750ml: ₹850

B7 Whisky Price in Rajasthan

  • 180ml: ₹170
  • 375ml: ₹345
  • 750ml: ₹690

B7 Whisky Price in Odisha

  • 90ml: ₹100
  • 180ml: ₹190
  • 375ml: ₹370
  • 750ml: 730

B7 Whisky Price in Delhi

  • 90ml: ₹95
  • 180ml: ₹180
  • 375ml: ₹360
  • 750ml: ₹760
  • 1000ml: ₹930
  • 2000ml: ₹1800

B7 Daru Price in Telangana

  • 90ml: ₹120
  • 180ml: ₹220
  • 375ml: ₹440
  • 750ml: ₹880
  • 1000ml: ₹1180

FAQ: Sterling Resever B7 Whisky Price

What is price B7?

The soft toasted touch of charred oak gives a texture and a smooth, well-rounded finish. 750ML. ₹760.00. 375ML. ₹360.00.

What is the price of B10 whisky?

The whisky is priced at Rs. 1,350 in Maharashtra and it is available almost Pan India. The reason why this whisky is called ‘B10’ is because it is supposed to give the experience of 10 different flavours to the consumer.

What is the alcohol content of B7 750?

Alcohol by volume: 42.8%.


This was our updated list of Sterling Resever B7 Whisky Price in India. 

We hope you have found this blog informative and looking further to check other blogs. We will make sure to update this post with a revised price list of the Sterling Resever Price. 

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